Sir Pathétik presents 10th ROUND

Sir Pathétik presents 10th ROUND

The popular and prolific singer Sir Pathétik will be launching his new 10th ROUND album at the Underdog Boxing Gym  on December 8 at 5 pm.


For his 10-year career


The musical samples are combined with real instruments. Directed for his ten years of career.


Determined to write a touching piece that is close to reality Sir Pathétik has involved a traveler in the composition of this text.


Sir Pathétik presents an album with immense potential which will join all the generations and will satisfy his fans who it will be remembered.

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Sir Pathétik is the one who speaks real stories without any embarrassment as if he were part of us. There is a dose of “Pathétik” in every life. Coming from a musician father, the love of music developed very early in him. Back from a year-long road trip to Vancouver with 2 guitarists, Sir Pathétik meets Justice J, takes a liking to hip hop and forms the group Instance de Justice. From the start, Instance de Justice finished first in the Quebec Emerging Contest and also won the “author-composer-performer” award. With the complicity of Chosen One, formed by Ale Dee and Diapason, the Justice Instance maximizes its impact.

A few years later, with the departure of Justice J, the remaining three members formed the Mine of Nothing group. It is from this moment that all the talent of Sir Pathétik explodes. Mine de rien will provide several shows at the Maquisart including the first part of Sans Pression, 83, Yvon Krevé, Fonky Family and 2 faces. To ensure a place throughout Quebec, the group began a tour of shows in Quebec City and Montreal. Their performance at the Quebec Hip Hop Symposium in Montreal earned them a strong recognition. Sir Pathétik in duet with Ale Dee wins 2nd place at “Hip Hop Forever 2002”.

Having the taste to make his own solo album, Sir Pathétik writes his first success, “The hitch of the trippe”, which guarantees him a place of choice on the hip-hop scene. His first album shows the real intentions of the artist, he tells our lives and continues to surprise. Author-composer of his songs, he leaves no one indifferent. After his second album “3 years trippe after …”, Sir Pathétik continues to perfect his art.

In June 2005, the third album of the artist is born! Once again, Sir Pathétik is nominated for ADISQ, in the category Hip-Hop album of the year. “A guy in the same way” is the logical continuation of “3 years of trippe after …”. Much more melodious than his other albums, “A guy of the same” wants to be more serious by addressing current topics. An album with many of his great classics. We just have to think about “Marie-moi”, “We cuddle”, “The girl I love” and many others. Several Quebec hip-hop artists have collaborated on the development of this album: Yvon Krevé, Étranjj, Queb, Billy Nova, Da Vincy, Striger, Malik Shaheed and Asami, in addition to being created with the complicity of Dj Horg to the realization. With “Like A Guy”, Sir Pathétik expresses his way of seeing life. It is in the observation of people around him and in his personal experience that he draws his inspiration. As a result, this album reflects the reality of 2005.

In 2006, Sir Pathétik returns to tell us real stories, real problems, but this time with much more maturity. “As I am” is without a doubt, complete and mature on all levels. Released on June 16, 2006, it deals with current topics, real problems but also sends a message of hope. “If life is tof”, “happiness is getting closer”. Now associated with “Hotbox”, Sir Pathétik maximizes his instrumental that has nothing to envy to the big productions of music Hip-Hop. In his 18 compositions, he tells us about suicide, Quebec, the street, girls and life from all angles. Even stronger than ever and with even more to say, Sir Pathétik still benefits from the help of DEP for the distribution of his new album. Always accompanied by his buddies, Pathétik observes the woes of humanity and is more present than ever in the hip hop world. “As I am” was a great success with the song “For my country” in number 1 in the Top 5 of Musique Plus for months and on wave in several radio stations of Quebec. After 4 nominations at the 2007 SOBA Gala, he won the award for Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year.

Sir Pathétik joins forces with Billy Nova to compose the duo “Mauvaize Frékentation”. A very popular group of hip-hop culture in general. An album sold over 12,000 copies. An English and French album with a more commercial sound that will earn them very good reviews. The song “Aquarium” written for the Nathalie Simard Foundation, broadcast on all Quebec radio stations, was listened to more than 190,000 times on Youtube. She will be praised by the listeners who will write to her thousands of thanks for this composition. The song “Learning to Live” also pushes young people to move forward, a mission that Pathétik imposes on his talent. They traveled throughout Quebec with no less than 80 shows in 2007-2008.

A year and a half after the release of “Mauvaize Frékentation”, that is to say in the fall of 2008, Sir Pathétik presents his fourth solo album (fifth in total) entitled “Before k’tu m’oublies” with in premiere “We Cuckold 2” to fill the need of his fans attached to the first version of the album “3 years trippe after …”. There are also two songs of the most touching “Singles” and “Cédrika” (a song composed for the small Cédrika Provencher, missing in Trois-Rivières, hometown and current Sir Pathétik). It also educates young people about AIDS with the song “Protect yourself”. There are also some great collaborations with, among others, the group of Quebec, Long Distance and Jean-Francois Bastien (recognized during his participation in the first edition of Star Académie), Jérôme Philippe, member of Dubmatic and 1 foreigner. After 11 years of activities, Sir Pathétik continues to observe the society and the travels of humanity with more than 150 written songs of which 100 published.

With numerous shows to his credit, 5 music videos that have all been number 1 in the Top 5 at Musique Plus, Sir Pathétik continues to make its mark throughout Quebec. It can now count on strong allies and its credibility is strongly established. He becomes the emblem of the clothing line ” Ecko ” and the spokesperson of the organization “LOVE”, an organization that aims to counter violence among young people in schools. In full expansion Pathétik continues its path in order to continue to surprise! “You know my style, you know that I am a trill …”, says Sir Pathétik.

During the 2009 Francofolies, Sir Pathétik performed at Club Soda with his accomplice Billy Nova, sold out. He presents to the public “Before K’tu forget me” his fourth album. 14,000 copies of this album were sold in a few weeks! This success confirms the importance of Sir Pathétik for his faithful listeners. But

THE GREAT REWARD … In September 2009, Sir Pathétik was nominated for the fourth time in the category hip-hop album of the year at the ADISQ’s Autre Gala. Several renowned artists such as Movèzerbe, Koriass, Taktika, Vaï are in the running for the award of the year. But on October 26, 2009, Sir Pathétik won the honors of the Quebec music industry by winning the coveted trophy!

Before its official release in stores, the fifth album of Sir Pathétik ” A whole History ” pays the chronicle. He befriends singer-songwriter Dany Bédar, whom he has always admired. The two are paired by composing a song that comes right to the heart, “Your last song.” Immediately accepted by a large radio network Québécois, this song finally offers him the opportunity to make his music heard to an even larger audience!

The album surprises once again with a very commercial sound, while keeping its unique hip hop style. Besides Dany Bédar, we can count several beautiful collaborations on this new album. Among others, his faithful accomplice Billy Nova and Laurence Delisle, a promising young singer for whom Sir Pathétik wants to invest.

A lover of music, he will not stop composing catchy songs that reflect the lives of Quebecers around the world and encourage young people to stay strong and go after their dreams. A model to follow …